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The Tao Of Nia is a way of approaching life and everything that comes our way everyday. It may initially seem like a different way of thinking, yet it isn’t as different as you might expect. The way you presently live your life, you are seeking an alignment. Let this be the nudge you needed, toward that which you seek.

Your self-fulfillment is found beyond your comfort zone.

Today, be mindful of your “Comfort Zone.” Begin this morning by choosing to go beyond your comfort zone in any (or all!) aspects of life today. Pay attention to those moments where you shy away from speaking up, or decide not to initiate an activity, or even choices you make repeatedly that elicit predictable responses. Now, decide to speak up, initiate, and choose differently. Today is all about “Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone.”


Evening Activity:

Find a quiet, solitary moment for meditation or prayer. Focus on those things that you did today that pushed you beyond your comfort zone. Think about how you felt, how you feel presently. You may even choose to write these in a brief journal entry.


Click here for Day 2: 


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