Day 10

Day 10 is all about #PrincipleOne: Reflect upon your life, the world, and your place in it to attain mastery of self.

“Concealed weapon is cerebral. Levitating above people, places, and things inconsequential. You are more than a noun with the potential to be subjugated.” ~Nikki Blak, Five Three & Rising

You are infinite. This line from a beautifully crafted poem by Nikki Blak, eloquently sums up how infinite you are. Poetry has a wonderful way of expressing our thoughts and feelings, even though we did not write it. It is reflective that way, poetry. Poets, philosophers, artists, reflect on their lives and experiences for the good of humanity: we all get to experience their beautiful works of art. To better understand yourself, is to seek to create a beautiful work of art: you. As you carefully craft your best life, reflecting upon your place in it will help you achieve even greater goals. Think about who you are, who you want to be. Recognize and nurture your talents, along with those strengths and characteristics you possess that make you unique. Encourage and develop that which makes you exceptional.

infinite universe

Journal Activity:

Write a poem! Think about where you are in your life right now, in this very moment. Think about what you have accomplished, and what you wish to accomplish. What are your strengths that have brought you this far? What are the weaknesses you believe are holding you back? Now, write a poem about yourself, in your life, right now, in this very moment. Come back to it a week from now, and read it again. Keep coming back to it, and reflect on your progress!


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