Day 13

Consistency is the spark that ignites more success. Think of it as building up speed. An object in motion stays in motion. Practice daily habits, at scheduled times. Once you’ve set your goals, set a timeline. Create an atmosphere of encouragement, by showing up for yourself each time. When you feel the sense of accomplishment from hitting those smaller milestones, that will spark motivation in you. To achieve self-fulfillment, be consistent in your efforts. You will impress yourself every time.



Create a list of 3 personal goals for the week. For example: “I’d like to run 6 miles, eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink less sugary drinks.” Then, decide what you will need to do to accomplish each goal. (“To run 6 miles this week, I’ll need to go for a 2-mile-run three times.”) Put each task on your calendar, with a scheduled time. For the week, accomplish each task and check it off your list as you progress. At the end of the week, congratulate yourself for being consistent! Now, do this again!


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