Day 14

“Determine that the thing can and shall be done and then… find the way.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Determination is what keeps you going even when it looks as though nothing is going your way. A story I learned when I was in kindergarten that reminds me of determination is that of the Little Red Hen. She grew and harvested wheat, ground it into flour, rolled it into dough, and baked it into bread all by herself even though she asked several of her friends for support and was denied. Remember the Little Red Hen when you feel discouraged, and when it looks as if no one will ever support you. In the end, you will harvest what you nurture with your hard work and the celebration will be yours.

The Little Red Hen

Tao Of Nia Activity:

Determination will go a long way to helping you accomplish self-fulfillment. The great thing about YOU is that your determination is stored up inside you right now. All you need to do is activate it. Here’s how: think of a time in your life when there was something so important to you that you would do anything to accomplish it, and you did. (That science project in fifth grade, that recipe for guacamole that you had to perfect, that college degree, your first driving lesson, learning to surf, asking your wife to marry you…) That drive is built-in, and you can ignite it at any time, by remembering all the amazing things of which you are capable. #PrincipleSeven: Live wholeheartedly, honestly, and with the knowledge that you are enough.


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