Day 17

“I’ve yet to learn the secret art of having peace at heart. I take the angst and anger, make a piece of art. Then, I speak it and share it, then that piece departs.” ~Amir Sulaiman, The Medinian Openings

One of today’s most talented poets, Amir Sulaiman, tells us in his beautiful poem that he doesn’t know how to have peace at heart while ironically expressing exactly how peace at heart is achieved: by letting go. The secret to having peace at heart is letting go. We experience so much in our lives, a lot of it unpleasant and out of our control. Yet, we have so much power and control over ourselves. The best way to handle those unpleasantries outside of our circles of influence, is to accept the limitations of our control. Let go of that which you hold on to that drains you of your inner peace. Recognize that there are things out of your control, and take the frustration and emotions and channel them. That energy will go a long way when used purposefully and toward achieving your self-fulfillment.



Meditate or pray for five minutes or so. When finished, think deeply about your day. Were there any moments when things went wrong, and there was nothing you could do about it? How did you feel in that moment? After meditation/prayer, can you find clarity in that moment? Remembering that there will be times when you have no control over events, will allow you more freedom to let go.


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