Day 19

“The scar will remain, but it is better for a man to lose both arms than his soul; and these hard years, instead of being lost, may be made the most precious of your lives, if they teach you to rule yourselves.”
― Louisa May Alcott

Life is a horrible, scary, roller coaster ride of death. It is designed that way. Some people’s rides are shorter, but all the rides end just the same. Yet, even though we’re all on this roller coaster ride of death, we always have the power to make the ride comfortable, enjoyable, and fulfilling. The love and connections we share with our family and friends are a huge part of this. Creating joy and camaraderie, providing support, these are ways we can make it through the tests and challenges of life.

Be a supportive, loving friend, and allow them to be the same for you. It is part of what makes us human. It is why we are great.

#PrincipleTwelve: Remember this life is temporary, and we will all find our death.

RollerCoaster zz090913altonsmiler


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