Day 21

“Do your best, and leave the rest.”

Sometimes, we give our all to an endeavor and no matter how much we put into it there is little to no result. However, we neglect the bird’s eye view. When I was a kid, “the long run” was often brought up, as in, “this will benefit you in the long run.” In today’s fast paced lifestyle, “in the long run” is nearly obsolete. Nearly. Your life is literally a “long run.” It is a marathon, not a sprint. So, you may have efforts that will only pay off “in the long run.” Accept this. Learn how to recognize that endeavors worth pursuing involve a lengthy investment. On your path to self-fulfillment, this skill will ease your journey.


Personal Purpose Project:

Develop at least three long-term goals. Write down, in your journal, three things you’d like to accomplish in the next ten years. Under each goal, list the tasks necessary to accomplish it. Give each task a deadline, spanning over the next ten years. Plan to complete each task, and record the actual dates of completion in your journal. Check your list periodically, and note your progress over time.


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