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Sometimes we are too close to see the truth. It gets distorted, just like the “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” Our best characteristics look smaller, and our flaws look bigger, than they really are. Our flaws look the biggest when viewed from our own perspective.  We have to step outside ourselves, and see the bigger picture. See yourself from a new vantage point. Continuing our #30DaysOfTaoOfNia, we’re focusing on #PrincipleSeven: Live wholeheartedly, honestly, and with the knowledge that you are enough.

Today’s Journal Activity:

List 10 truths about yourself. Now, read that list as if it was describing someone else. Read it as if it was describing someone you never met. You could probably guess that he/she is an interesting person, based on your list alone. You might even think that person could be a cool person to befriend. That cool person is you!

Who is the most awesome person today


Click here for Day 4:


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