Day 30

Cherish the past, but leave it there.

Do not linger on past mistakes, nor past wrongs dished out to you from others. Take each experience as a lesson and keep it moving. Learn what you can from the past, but do not waste your present ruminating on what has already occurred. Influence your future by making choices in the present reflective of your new insight. #PrincipleFive: Listen and learn from every experience and the people with whom you interact.

Take each Principle, apply it to your life in such a way that works for you and your self-fulfillment. There is no one specific way to live your life that is best. Yet, there is a way to live your best life. Remain grounded in the present, and use your knowledge and experience from the past to create an even more rewarding future. You are the guru you need, you will guide you to live your best life!

2014-09-30 21.12.45



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