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Principle Three: Nurture your spirituality to achieve self-fulfillment.

Principle Three: Nurture your spirituality to achieve self-fulfillment.

Principle Three: Nurture your spirituality to achieve self-fulfillment.

As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a paleontologist/geologist and French philosopher, is quoted to have once said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Think about it. Throughout your lifespan, you change. Your spirit goes through growth and change throughout your life, just as your body does. When you eat healthy foods, exercise, practice good hygiene, etc. these things keep your body healthy and strong. When you neglect your body, eat junk food, avoid physical activity, etc. physically you become sick and overweight. Nurture both your physical and spiritual health.

Many scientific studies are available that prove the positive impact of prayer and meditation for your health. Meditation and prayer allow you to clear away the distractions of stress and the many demands on you that, repeatedly over time, can harm you physically and spiritually. During meditation and prayer, you remove your ego in the moment. Calm, even breathing, and focus on the present moment will enable you to settle into a serene place. Serenity and clarity will allow you to make better decisions, interact with others more positively, and give you a sense of purpose and direction.

Today’s Activity:

Whether in the morning, during the day, or at night before you go to bed (or all three!) take at least three minutes to sit quietly without distraction. Focus on your breathing, clear your mind of thoughts. Don’t think, just breathe and sit with the moment. Notice your breath, your heartbeat, you may even close your eyes. Just three minutes may not be enough, so sit longer if you need to. When finished, go about your daily routines as you would and see how it has made a difference. Maybe you smile a little more, or you are more patient with your co-workers, or maybe you feel less stressed. It will give you a lift in your days!

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