Day 7

Congratulations! You’ve been inspiring your personal success, one day at a time, for a week now. Being in the habit of being mindful will take time, and you’ve already clocked in seven days in a row! Keep up the habit of checking in with your daily goals at the same time everyday, to help maintain consistency. Let’s close out our introductory week with the reminder of #PrincipleTwelve: Remember this life is temporary, and we will all find our death.

"No one here gets out alive." ~Jim Morrison

“No one here gets out alive.” ~Jim Morrison

What’s that you say? Morbid? Well, if you think about it, not really. One of my favorite artists, Jim Morrison, put it quite eloquently when he said, “No one here gets out alive.” It’s a fact of life, so ignoring it or avoiding the discussion of death will not benefit you. In fact, it may put you at a serious disadvantage. Since you know death is a part of life, despite not knowing when, you can be as prepared for the inevitable as you possibly could prepare. Then, live your life freely. The notion, “Set it, then forget it,” comes to mind. And, remember that everything is temporary. The knowledge that all things, good and bad, shall pass, can quell anxiety and allow you to live more fully.

Journal Activity:

In your journal, write a paragraph describing yourself the way you’d want to be remembered in your eulogy. Do not write a eulogy. Just think of three major life accomplishments that you’d want people to remember about you after you have passed away. Write a paragraph describing yourself as if you’ve already accomplished these things. Now, read it aloud… and decide to accomplish it! Under your paragraph, write yourself a deadline by which you will accomplish each one. Check back in your journal periodically to this page as a reminder to yourself! Now, get yours, baby!


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