Stop Running Away From Your Blessings

“Wherever you go, there you are.” ~Jon Kabat-Zinn

So many of us, who are sensitive and compassionate, are the walking wounded; so hurt from life’s slings and arrows, that we are hyper-vigilant and protective of our hearts. Running away is often our “go-to” coping mechanism, whether emotionally running away or physically running away, and it sabotages our happiness and fulfillment in life. Stop running. Stand still. Sit in your experiences long enough to let them teach you something about yourself. Stay committed to something longer than the moment it takes to be disappointed by it, and then stay past those disappointing moments because they are always followed by moments where it transforms you. Don’t become a prisoner of your fears and your desire to be in control. Stand still like a flower, so your blessings can land upon you like a butterfly. Chase the butterfly and it will almost always escape you.

Principle Six: No one thing has power over you except that which you give.

“Chase the butterfly, and it will almost always escape you.”


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